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Optimal PC settings for using Squdo Classifieds

Optimal PC settings for using Squdo Classifieds

What are the technical requirements for getting the most out of the Squdo Classifieds website on your computer or notebook?

We'd like to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of our site.        

  • Do you have the latest browser version?

Please always use the latest version of your browser. This can be found on the respective websites of the manufacturers. Other browsers such as Safari, Opera etc. are only partially supported by us, so it is best to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  • JavaScript activated?

Please activate the use of JavaScripts in the settings of your browser. This is to ensure the correct display of page content.


  • Cookies accepted?

Please accept the use of cookies. Cookies are small files from websites that are stored on your computer and contain, for example, personal page settings and login information.

  • Pop-up blocker deactivated?

Please deactivate the pop-up blocker and possibly AdBlocker. Blocking pop-ups will disable some features of our website.


  • Firewall checked?

Please check the settings of your firewall. Your PC may have an upstream firewall whose security settings prevent JavaScript from being executed. 


Stable internet connection?

When visiting our website, make sure that your internet connection is stable enough. Often the error occurs because the WLAN or mobile data connection is too weak. 


Image files correct?

You can only upload pictures in an advertisement that have a common file format (jpg, gif, png) and are no larger than 16 MB. This is one of the most common hurdles when uploading images.


Depending on the browser version, the settings may differ slightly.

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